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Per multiple requests, this letter contains links to all This Week In Voice VIP letters since we began, excluding time-sensitive ones from previous weeks. Have a great weekend.

July 18 | Keep An Eye On Blue Fever

Women’s health startup participating in Amazon’s Alexa Next Stage program

July 19 | Purchasing Through Voice: A Look At Pre-COVID vs Post-COVID

Voice purchasing primed for post-COVID breakout

July 20 | The Rise of #VoiceLunch

International meet, greet, and eat program for those working with voice/AI grows

July 23 | Alexa’s New “Quick Links” Herald Entirely New Way To Think About Voice Assistants

Being able to link directly to Alexa skills solves multiple existing problems overnight

July 24 | Project Understood

Canadian Down Syndrome Society + Google joint venture

July 25 | LeakyPick

Researchers from US and Germany craft elegant solution to detect security gaps

July 26 | For Privacy In Voice Tech, Less Is More

ML process strips audio of individual attributes while maintaining integrity

July 27 | Voice x Real Estate, Round 2

Opportunities to apply voice technology to real estate are large and growing

July 28 | London (And Paris) Calling

The duo behind hit podcast VUX World launch design consultancy

July 29 | Say The Word

A look at Mercedes-Benz’s unique history with voice/AI before one-hour webinar

July 31 | Mr Whose The Boss

Top UK tech YouTuber sizes up the mainstream voice assistants

August 1 | If “Amazon” Didn’t Precede “Alexa”

What happens to voice if (when?) we break up big tech

August 3 | Somewhere, A Clock Is Ticking

Implications of the Microsoft / Trump / TikTok saga on voice/AI

August 4 | As Simple As Possible, But No Simpler

Analyzing voice/AI company CardioCube’s telehealth program for the gig economy

August 5 | Voice, AI, And Those Cheating Houston Astros

Interesting connections between voice/AI and those cheating Houston Astros

August 6 | The Slide Every Single Voice/AI Company Wants In Their Deck

Breaking down an eye-opening slide within Constant Companion’s Voice of Healthcare Summit keynote

August 8 | What Does Apple Have To Do?

Recent Forbes article raises a persistent question

August 9 | Voice Games Step Up

What we've learned from two Alexa RPGs, released two years apart

August 10 | The Sound Of A Full House

India's 9Stacks voice-enables poker, changes the game

August 11 | Who Let The Dogs Out?

The critical role of AI training data

August 12 | From Sea To Shining Sea

The #1 event for voice and AI greets a post-COVID future

August 13 | Voice, AI, and Phones

Breaking our shared addiction

August 16 | Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Sizing up US Alexa EdTech Challenge finalists and winners

August 17 | Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Part 2

Musings on voice in education; EMEA and India's Alexa EdTech Challenge results

August 18 | Call Me, Maybe

Google Assistant gets six new voice commands on phones

August 19 | A Spectacular Move!

Is this the last dance for Bixby?

August 20 | Everybody Wants To Rule The World

The politics of voice tech and AI

August 23 | When You Call AI By Name

The Quiet Story Underneath Amazon's Alexa

August 25 | Paperback Writer

AI in publishing ushers in a bold future

August 27 | Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

The role of context in elevating voice tech

August 28 | Dancing In The Dark

AI discovers 50 new planets; raises questions

August 30 | For Those Reasons, I’m Out

Takeaways From 2019's Interview With Mark Cuban

August 31 | RESOURCE ALERT: Aging In Place

Top analyst releases new report on voice tech & senior living

September 1 | On The Road Again

"Alexa, Pay For Gas" sparks debate

September 2 | Pictures Of You

Incredible Wikipedia discovery highlights AI vulnerabilities

September 4 | New York Minute

Unexpectedly turning 40

September 7 | Running To Stand Still

The challenge of interpreting silence

September 8 | 12,000 A Month

3 Takeaways From The Largest Integration of Voice In A Hotel

September 10 | The Multi-Agent Design Guide

Major developments for Amazon's Voice Interoperability Initiative highlight tough choices ahead

September 18 | Blue Bayou

Alexa's "Hey Samuel" opens new doors

September 20 | Welcome Home

Apple's prescient ad + Adobe's new marketing data

September 22 | Back In The High Life Again

Human dignity through voice-driven accessibility

September 23 | I Wanna Dance With Somebody

5 Prime Voice/AI Acquisitions

September 24 | Whistle While You Work

Disney+ Joins Netflix On Google Assistant Smart Devices

September 25 | Every Breath You Take

Grading Amazon's Product Announcement Event

September 27 | La Bamba

Groundbreaking paper on machine learning, eBay, and international trade

September 29 | Seven Options For Mobile App Voice Integration

One of the hottest areas of voice/AI

October 1 | Give Me One Reason

Discussing Project Voice's April 2021 Return

October 2-7 | Don’t Stop Believing [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4]

The four-part exploration of mainstream voice adoption

October 8 | The Fly

Australian AI venture studio at forefront of 'synthetic media'

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