Two Is Better Than One

Explanation of Catalyst Match, part of the upcoming Project Voice 100 in-person conference for voice/AI CEOs and execs

You’ll have to remind me sometime to tell you about the one time I encountered Taylor Swift in Nashville well over a decade ago.

She has good taste in the bands she’s partnered with over her career, including this one.

At Project Voice 100, which will convene in person in April in Chattanooga, Tennessee, part of the three-hour conference program will be set aside for executive networking. (In-depth description of the event is here.)

What this will mean, in practice, is that we will do the legwork required to understand each attendee’s needs and will connect each attendee to 2-4 potential customers, partners, or investors (depending on specific circumstances, of course) that will ensure each CEO or executive attending gets value from the time there.

We call this Catalyst Match - it is basically a miniaturized version of our Project Voice Catalyst consulting program for voice/AI companies.

This will require absolutely no work on your part. We’re happy to facilitate these connections among all of the various attendees there.

We will be in contact with all registered attendees prior to the event, to let them know who we’ve matched them up with, and why.

For most, this will be worth the conference registration fee alone.

In addition, I will personally meet with every single attendee during the conference, in one-on-one fashion, to learn what you’re doing and see how my team can best support you, either by doing something quick-hitting for you after the event as a thank you for joining us, or to explore if our Catalyst program is something you may find of value.

We have room for a few more companies to send one (1) executive to Project Voice 100.

The price is $1499 for a pass.

The Chattanooga Downtown Marriott, which adjoins the convention center where the conference will take place, has a room block link here.

If you’re interested, let us know immediately. You can respond to this email.

We can no longer sell multiple passes to single companies to enable teams to attend, as we’re out of room, but we can accommodate some more individual registrations for the moment, and we want to have as many companies represented as possible as that will yield value for everyone involved.

We will deploy Catalyst Match at the other in-person events we’ll be doing, as part of the Project Voice Series, over the rest of the year.

So if you miss out here, or this isn’t good timing for you, no worries: we’ll see you down the road.

I have 100 invitations to Faves, a brand-new social network (much fewer now that many have been given away) which I and many other tech folks will be using to share articles, podcasts, and other content we find interesting or inspiring.

This is an opportunity to arrive at a new social network on the ground floor.

The company has given me these invitations to give to leaders, pioneers, movers and shakers doing work with voice technology and/or conversational AI.

Reply to this email and I’ll send you one.

There’s obviously no cost or catch here, but please do note that you’ll need an iOS device to download and use this app for the time being.