A Matter Of Trust

SPECIAL EDITION: top voice tech / conversational AI CEOs set to converge in April for historic in-person gathering

From the realization that business travel now has become almost a CEO-exclusive endeavor, in this interim period of time, Project Voice is gathering top voice/AI CEOs and senior executives in Chattanooga on April 13-14.

We're honored that, among them, are Sanjay Dhawan (CEO, Cerence), Daniela Braga (CEO, DefinedCrowd), Mark Gray (CEO, Constant Companion), Audrey Arbeeny (CEO, Audiobrain), Ashok Krish (President, Kaizen Technologies), Matt Muldoon (President, ReadSpeaker North America), Gregg Phillips (CEO, CoverMe), Esteban Gorupicz (CEO, Atexto), Henry O’Connell (CEO, Canary Speech), Shilp Agarwal (CEO, Blutag), Zai Ortiz (Co-founder, Virsix Games), Nate Treloar (President and COO, Orbita), Brandon Kaplan (CEO, Skilled Creative), Mike Atkinson (CEO, Starbar), Marc Ladin (General Partner, VoicePunch) and many, many others spanning every revenue profile and every industry vertical.

Legendary entrepreneur (and CEO of voice/AI startup Virsix Games) Nolan Bushnell will give a brief keynote.

This is historic from the standpoint that it represents one of the first industry gatherings to take place since COVID arrived.

CEOs know that for their workforce to eventually travel again for business, they have to lead the way, and this is important for that reason alone.

For those curious, we will enforce masks for this event (while not eating/drinking at the VIP Reception), though the air circulation within the Chattanooga Convention Center is an environment akin to if the conference were held outside.

Events of various types never stopped at this unique venue, throughout the entirety of 2020, as a result.

There's a lot of trust necessary on everyone's part inherent in gathering together in person.

We look forward to living up to that expectation.

See you in April for Project Voice 100.

If you want to attend Project Voice 100, and are a CEO or senior-level executive in the voice technology / conversational AI space (or a mid-size to Fortune 1000 company looking to integrate voice/AI into your company’s operations or marketing), reach out to us directly by responding to this email.

Registration is $1499 for those we invite from the ongoing waitlist and no more than two passes are available at this point for any particular company.

Alternatively, you can register for Project Voice Worldwide, the virtual event taking place April 15 and 16 which will showcase leading voice/AI companies from around the world. Project Voice Worldwide is free to attend and you can register here.

If you missed it, the Project Voice Award Finalists were announced earlier this week in This Week In Voice VIP here and on the web here.