This Week In Voice, Season 5 Premiere released

Voice/AI execs discuss Google, Amazon, Apple news, along with MIT Technology Review story about protecting children from AI

50 States of Voice, our five-part series examining voice and AI adoption across the USA, will resume on Monday with part 2 of 5. You can read part 1 here.

Season 5 of This Week In Voice kicked off today with some high-powered special guests:

The show’s format: I curate a list of top voice/AI technology stories each week, and we then convene a group of voice/AI technologists, executives, and pioneers to discuss them.

The show provides a unique opportunity to learn about great new companies in this emerging landscape, as well as get to know key people leading the way.

It’s a fun time.

The stories discussed on today’s show:

1) Voicebot: Google Duplex Can Book Haircuts, 2 Years After Stage Demo

2) ZD Net: Amazon Alexa Is Driving IT Managers Crazy

3) MIT Technology Review: Why Kids Need Special Protection From AI's Influence

4) 9to5Mac: Apple announces $99 HomePod mini smart speaker, new Siri features

5) TechRepublic: Pandemic Accelerated The Adoption And Sophistication of IoT Technology

In addition to the YouTube link above, the show can be enjoyed at Google Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Overcast, TuneIn, and many other major podcast providers, including Apple Podcasts (the episode hasn’t hit Apple’s server yet but should shortly).

We’ll return on Monday with part 2 of the five-part series 50 States of Voice, and new podcast episodes of This Week In Voice can be expected each Thursday evening while the show is in season.

Have a great weekend.

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