With A Little Help From My Friends

The Project Voice Fund launches; Project Voice Catalyst consulting arm reaches 20 clients exceeding $7B in market value

At the beginning of Joe Cocker’s career, he landed an opening gig for the Rolling Stones, managed to convince Jimmy Page to play guitar on his debut album, and his first known song was a Beatles’ hit.

He became one of the biggest musicians of all time, which invites the question: did he succeed because of his famous friends, or was it because of his own initiative and talent that equally famous and talented people were drawn to him from the start?

Feel free to discuss this amongst yourselves. I’ll just be over here enjoying his music.

The Voice of Healthcare Summit is next Thursday, virtual and free to attend. This event typically takes place annually at Harvard Medical School.

Numerous high-profile companies will present, including our friends at Constant Companion as well as a high-profile fireside chat with the head of the brand new AWS for Health, Pat Combes.

Registrants get the audio and video of conference proceedings after the event concludes. Registration can be found here.

This week, we announced The Project Voice Fund, a $10M micro fund providing seed capital to the voice/AI universe.

In conjunction with this announcement, we also shared that Project Voice Catalyst, our consulting arm which supports and accelerates voice/AI companies, has grown to exceed 20 clients representing over $7 billion in market value.

I speak about both of these here, in today’s This Week In Voice Daily video on YouTube.

There’s numerous voice/AI topics I’ve covered in brief videos on this channel thus far, and many more to come - feel free to pull up a chair, subscribe to the channel, and stay a while, if you enjoy the content.

If you’re an accredited investor interested in voice/AI as a technology, feel free to reach out regarding the fund, and if you’re a young company at the pre-seed or seed level, we’d love to hear from you as well.

Have a great weekend.