Voice Tech Innovation Week master video released

Plus info on two Tuesday webinars

Three things of note:

1) The full “master video” from Voice Tech Innovation Week, containing all four days of programming, is now available here. (At time of publishing this letter, the video hadn’t fully processed, so you may want to check back on that in an hour or two.)

2) Digital Book World Presents The Canadian National Institute for the Blind is a half-hour-ish live webinar tomorrow which I’ll moderate. Those involved with voice technology will find this of interest as the CNIB will be discussing many of the novel ways they approach bringing accessibility to content.

Free to register. Begins at 1 PM Eastern / 10 AM Pacific TODAY (Tuesday Feb 15)

3) NLX, our guest on last week’s This Week In Voice Live show, have their own webinar (which takes place right after the Digital Book World webinar) which focuses on conversational AI driving customer service using NLX’s Voice Compass product.

Registration is here. Begins at 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific TODAY (Tuesday Feb 15)

Hope everybody’s staying safe and warm somewhere. Back Thursday with a story from Project Voice: Coast to Coast out of Cheyenne, Wyoming, last week regarding the role of voiceovers within voice tech and conversational AI.