Voice + AI Job Index

Over 2,000 full-time opportunities

Every now and then, we’ll use one of these daily letters to the voice and AI communities to provide a curated list of full-time job opportunities.

Please feel free to forward this to those looking for their next gig.


50 jobs, from Computational Linguist to Head of Crowd Strategy to Email Marketing Manager to Translation Project Manager to UX Designer.

RAIN Agency

Two positions on the forefront of creating high-end voice-first experiences: Senior Product Manager and Senior Technical Lead Engineer.


162 jobs, from Senior NLU Developer to Speech Scientist to User Experience Manager to Language Modeling Researcher to AI Product R&D Engineer.


1149 jobs across 20 teams! Roles include Applied Science Manager for Alexa AI, Sr. Technical Program Manager for Alexa Entertainment, Sr. Business Development Manager for Alexa, Sr. Applied Scientist for Alexa Speech, Sr. Product Manager for Alexa Communications, and Senior VUI Designer for Alexa Auto.


10 jobs, including Product Line Manager, Sr. Product Engineer, and various members of technical staff.


Out of 600+ jobs listed publicly, 144 have the word Siri in the listing. Engineering Manager for Siri Health, ML Research Manager for Siri Search Relevance, Software Engineer for Siri Understanding, AI Strategy Lead, and Sr. Product Manager for Siri Country Experiences are among the openings.

Skilled Creative

7 jobs, including Creative Director, Copywriter, and Associate Production Traffic Manager.


Virtual Assistant Conversation Designer / Writer


VP of Software Engineering, Senior Software Engineer, and Software Engineer Intern are among the opportunities available.


Out of 1370 jobs currently available, 144 have the word “AI” in the listing (including People Analytics Researcher and Cloud AI and Industry Solutions Program Manager) and 18 specifically have “Google Assistant” in the listing, including Partner Manager, Google Assistant, Hardware Partnerships and Director, Assistant Analytics and Engineering.


VP of Sales, Voice Assistants for Enterprises


Out of 3500 jobs currently available, 514 have the word “AI” in the listing (including Principal AI Architect, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Business Analytics Specialist) and 37 jobs which have “Cortana” in the listing, including Principal Product Manager, Senior Visual Designer, and Senior Software Engineer.


The company behind a wide variety of languages and voices is hiring for an Inside Sales Representative.


18 job listings are available within the company’s “Emerging Tech” division, which has conversational AI and voice assistants within its purview, including Software Engineer - Emerging Tech which works directly with voice-first technology.


47 jobs, including Monetization Specialist and Data Analyst, Senior Audio Enhancement and Signal Processing Engineer, Director of Accounting, and Technical Program Manager for NLU.


117 jobs with “AI” in the listing, including Sr. Manager, Mobile Business Strategy and Machine Learning Engineer - On-Device AI.

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