Three Utilities, One Story

Impressive metrics on display in day 1 of Voice of Customer Service

Thank you to Bret Kinsella, Ava Mutchler, Eric Schwartz, and the crew at for including me in their list of top voice/AI leaders, released earlier today.

Day 1 of The Voice of Customer Service, the two-day virtual event exploring the impact conversational AI and voice tech has had on customer service operations, is in the books. (Join us tomorrow by registering here.)

There were a barrage of great presentations throughout the day, including multiple presentations which included metrics around cost savings and efficiency gains realized within contact centers thanks to conversational AI.

One really stood out, which was part of Lisa Michaud’s outstanding presentation:

Gaze upon this slide for a moment. It’s a good one.

All three of these success stories involve contact centers within the energy sector that had incorporated conversational AI technology from Interactions.

It seems obvious, but the reality from this presentation is that we’re very rapidly approaching the point where companies that lack conversational AI capabilities integrated into their customer support operations will have trouble remaining competitive. We might already be there.

That’s a pretty serious jump from where we were as little as 18 months ago, when many contact centers looked at AI as a nice-to-have for down the road, but not something that carried any particular short-term urgency.

This is the pandemic at work: there’s no more time to delay with these sorts of initiatives, thanks to all of your competitors and peers moving that very same direction with a quickened pace.

We’ll pick back up tomorrow with Day 2, a shorter day for the conference but just as heavy hitting. We hope to see you there.

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