The Voice of Customer Service

Two-day conference kicks off tomorrow

For businesses with call centers, contact centers, and modern customer service operations, voice technology and conversational AI is already reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

The Voice of Customer Service kicks off Wednesday - TOMORROW - and continues into Thursday, exploring all the angles to this digital transformation that is one of the hottest areas of this emerging voice/AI landscape.

The conference is a partnership between Project Voice - I’ll be moderating the majority of the conference - and our friends at Bespoken, who will kick off the event tomorrow.

Nuance, Cobalt Speech, DefinedCrowd, Quantiphi, Kingfisher Labs, VUX World Studios, RAIN Agency, Voiceflow, Interactions, Applause, Kaizen Technologies, Cognigy, Audiobrain, Dabble Lab, Behavioral Signals, Women In Voice, Verascape, and Rasa round out an extensive and in-depth program.

Separately, there is a Discord server that will be operating concurrently with the conference, where attendees can interact and network to a greater extent allowed by Zoom’s webinar tool (which is what we’ll use for the conference itself). Thanks to Bespoken for setting this networking feature up.

Registrants for The Voice of Customer Service will receive the audio and video files from the two-day event, so they can enjoy any of the talks on demand afterward.

Registration is here, the LinkedIn event page is here, and the conference website is here.

We hope you can join us tomorrow and Thursday! We’d love to see you there.

Leading up to Project Voice 2021, the #1 event for voice tech and AI in America, Project Voice: Coast to Coast is bringing an in-person voice/AI briefing to small groups in 35 cities across the United States. Presented by Cerence.

If you want to get out of the house, we’d love to have you join us. Masks and social distancing will be enforced, and outdoor venues will be utilized.

San Jose, CA - January 11

San Francisco, CA - January 12

Los Angeles, CA - January 13

Phoenix, AZ - January 14

Miami, FL - January 18

Tampa, FL - January 19

Orlando, FL - January 20

Jacksonville, FL - January 21

Portland, OR - January 25

Seattle, WA - January 26

Spokane, WA - January 27

Boise, ID - January 28

Salt Lake City, UT - February 8

Denver, CO - February 9

Cheyenne, WY - February 10

Omaha, NE - February 11

Boston, MA - February 22

New York City, NY - February 23

Newark, NJ - February 24

Philadelphia, PA - February 25

Washington, DC - February 26

Minneapolis, MN - March 8

Milwaukee, WI - March 9

Chicago, IL - March 10

St. Louis, MO - March 11

Nashville, TN - March 12

Memphis, TN - March 15

Jackson, MS - March 16

New Orleans, LA - March 17

Dallas, TX - March 18

Houston, TX - March 19

Detroit, MI - March 29

Columbus, OH - March 30

Cleveland, OH - March 31

Cincinnati, OH - April 1

Project Voice 2021 - Chattanooga, TN - April 12-14

Project Voice is the #1 event for voice tech and AI in America.

Join us in person in Chattanooga, Tennessee, from April 12-14, or virtually for Project Voice Worldwide April 15-16.

Voice/AI in mobile apps, voice/AI in contact centers, and an industry deep dive into the hospitality sector will be particular areas of focus.

Register for Project Voice 2021 here or Project Voice Worldwide here.