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EARLY EDITION: Star-studded lineup announced for Project Voice Worldwide virtual event Apr 15-16, including keynotes from iVow.AI, Nolan Bushnell, and Mark Cuban

We’re pleased to announce a star-studded program for Project Voice Worldwide, our virtual event taking place April 15-16.

We had already announced Nikki McLay, co-founder of iVow.AI (a fascinating new company dedicated to removing bias and cultural misappropriation from AI), as the overall conference keynote. She will open the event on Thursday, April 15.

We’re pleased that legendary entrepreneur Nolan Bushnell - creator of Atari, Chuck E Cheese, among others - along with his Hollywood visual design co-founder Zai Ortiz, will close day 1 of the event, speaking about developing games that utilize voice technology & conversational AI.

Nolan Bushnell and Zai Ortiz appeared on This Week In Voice Live, our weekly TV show, back on March 12.

We’re also pleased that equally legendary entrepreneur Mark Cuban will close day 2 of Project Voice Worldwide.

We’ll spend an hour with Mark on Friday, April 16, as I will interview him for the first half-hour, followed by moderated audience Q&A for the remaining 30 minutes.

This interview will pick up from where my previous interview with Mark left off, which was the Season Finale of Season 3 of This Week In Voice.

The rest of the Project Voice Worldwide program features numerous 10-minute talks showcasing the trailblazers, pioneers, and leaders from this young, emergent space.

Project Voice Worldwide is free to register and attend, and registration is here.

Project Voice Worldwide is not to be confused with Project Voice 100, which is the in-person executive-level voice/AI gathering taking place earlier the same week in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Passes to this have been sold out for months (at a price tag of $1500 per person).

We have attempted to work with those executives wanting to jump on a plane and join us. If that’s you, you can respond directly to this Substack newsletter and we’ll be in contact.

Getting announced next week is the brand-new industry event Project Voice X, which will strictly be in person and will bring together not only those working with voice/AI, but also those working within other realms of audio, such as social audio, asynchronous messaging, and more. It will be an important event.

It will also be the largest event we’ve ever done, and will take place November 2-4. The location, among other details, will be announced next week during Project Voice 100 & Project Voice Worldwide.