Special Note From Women In Voice

Looking for additional mentors for Mentor Matchup program

A brief note heading into the weekend.

Our friends at Women in Voice have a mentorship program and are looking for more (female) mentors to participate. (Their full announcement, with signup link, is below.)

This group has been a significant success story within the voice/AI space. Founded by Joan Palmiter Bajorek in 2018 and now spanning numerous chapters all over the globe, the organization has a four-pronged mission:

  • Build community for women and diverse people in voice technology

  • Amplify the work and talent of women

  • Provide professional development and resources to support women

  • Empower and celebrate women in all the different roles that comprise the voice field

The official announcement is here:

It's the final week to apply for Women in Voice Mentor Matchup 2021. And we NEED more Mentors!

Mentees sign up for guidance on a wide span of topics, so don't undersell your expertise. If you have 3-5 years of professional experience in any industry, you should apply as a Mentor. 

Apply to be a Mentor

Next week is Voice Tech Innovation Week. Monday’s email will contain a summary of how the week-long virtual event will work. Spoiler: laid-back, casual, and informative


MULTIMODAL VOICE/AI TECHNOLOGY: The original inventor of visual IVRs has created a technology which enhances an ordinary call by joining a data session to it, positioning the experience between a standard phone call and a videoconference. 

This approach allows interoperability with phones worldwide and turns an ordinary phone call into a smart home speaker with visuals.  Any company wanting to expand into multimodal IVRs, phonebots, contact centers and other types of enhanced business calls would find this company of interest, regardless of vertical. 

VOICE BANKING SYSTEM WITH 40 CLIENTS: This is a voice banking financial technology company with a primary audience of credit unions and community banks. Founded in 2014 by four experienced financial services executives, the company now has 40 credit unions among its signed clients.  The sale of this wholly owned division includes technology, intellectual property, staff resources and a thriving client base.

Owner wishes to concentrate on consulting division and will advise as requested.

For information on either or both of these companies, respond to this email and happy to connect you.

The Voice of Mobile Apps: virtual event examining best practices involving integrating conversational AI into existing mobile applications.

Project Voice 2021 marks the return of the in-person conference. Registration is here.