Outdoor venues selected for first leg of Coast to Coast tour; Cerence CEO Sanjay Dhawan joining opening date in San Jose; The Voice of Mobile Apps announced for February

For the next three weeks, This Week In Voice VIP will release once a week, each Monday. And on each of those three Mondays, we’ll have announcements to share with you, starting today.

Project Voice: Coast to Coast brings an in-person voice/AI briefing to 35 cities across the United States, starting January 11 in San Jose.

Leading up to Project Voice 2021 - the #1 event for voice tech and conversational AI in America - we realize not everyone will be ready to travel to Chattanooga, Tennessee, come April.

So, I’m coming to you!

With outdoor restaurants replete with heaters and plenty of spacing used as venues across the entire tour, we invite small groups (of no more than 20) to come, hear a short voice/AI briefing, and then the rest of the hour-long session is set aside for light networking and socializing.

You know…those things you haven’t done for 12 months or so?

These restaurants will serve as gathering places - food won’t be formally served. Masks will be required and we’ll certainly encourage people to order from these restaurants to eat after the briefing concludes (we’ll give you extra space) or to carry out with you.

After that hour, you can return to the friendly confines of home, where you can then reflect on how radical it was to actually meet with people that weren’t family or friends (yet), in person.

We’re thrilled to share two announcements today about Project Voice: Coast to Coast:

1) The CEO of the tour’s Presenting Sponsor, Cerence - Sanjay Dhawan - will join me in San Jose on January 11 when we kick things off.

I’m very excited about this. I’ve talked about Cerence previously in this newsletter and elsewhere. It’s an honor to have him and the company be there and be part of it.

2) We’ve got the outdoor restaurants selected for the first leg of the tour:

San Jose, CA - January 11 - Barebottle Brewing Company

San Francisco, CA - January 12 - Fable

Los Angeles, CA - January 13 - Pineapple Hill Saloon and Grill

Phoenix, AZ - January 14 - CiBO Pizzeria

Miami, FL - January 18 - Glass and Vine

Tampa, FL - January 19 - Cafe Dufrain

Orlando, FL - January 20 - The Stubborn Mule

Jacksonville, FL - January 21 - Hoptinger Bier and Sausage House

Portland, OR - January 25 - OK Omens

Seattle, WA - January 26 - Lady Jaye

Spokane, WA - January 27 - Prohibition

Boise, ID - January 28 - Cloud 9 Brewery

Salt Lake City, UT - February 8 - East Liberty Tap House

Denver, CO - February 9 - Acova

Cheyenne, WY - February 10 - Accomplice Beer Company

Omaha, NE - February 11 - Jackson Street Tavern

We’ll announce the outdoor restaurants for the second part of the tour in January.

These restaurants are obviously subject to change, if the business is not open for some reason, but the dates aren’t.

We’re not expecting outdoor dining to be shut down again now that we collectively understand it is a safe activity when done with care, but our absolute worst case scenario for any of these particular dates is that we’ll meet in a public park near the original restaurant.

Registrants in Eventbrite will be kept apprised of all details.

Lastly, this first leg of Project Voice: Coast to Coast leads up to a brand new event that will kick off The Project Voice Series next year.

The Voice of Mobile Apps will focus on a key area of growth - integrating conversational AI into existing mobile applications.

The one-day virtual event will take place Thursday, February 18. Registration, which is complimentary, is now available here.

I’ll be hosting a webinar discussing AI datasets in January with Daniela Braga, CEO of DefinedCrowd.

Rare chance to spend an hour with a real rockstar CEO, discussing a very important topic related to conversational AI. Register here.

Project Voice is the #1 event for voice tech and AI in America.

Join us in person in Chattanooga, Tennessee, from April 12-14, or virtually for Project Voice Worldwide April 15-16.

Voice/AI in mobile apps, voice/AI in contact centers, and an industry deep dive into the hospitality sector will be particular areas of focus.

Register for Project Voice 2021 here or Project Voice Worldwide here.