Microsoft joins Amazon as Presenting Sponsors of October voice/AI industry event Project Voice X

Early bird discount of $800 ENDS TODAY (June 30, 2021); also change to This Week In Voice VIP newsletter detailed

Just one bit of late-breaking news:

Microsoft has joined Amazon as Presenting Sponsors of this October’s in-person voice/AI industry event Project Voice X.

The $800 discount on registration ends today.

Executives from every industry vertical, from healthcare to automotive to banking to hospitality to gaming to publishing and more, will be present.

Project Voice X is October 25-27 in Destin, Florida, at the Fort Walton Beach Convention Center.

(Information on getting there, from airports to hotels and more, can be found here.)

The $800 early bird registration deadline ends TODAY (June 30, 2021).

By the time October rolls around and you realize you simply must leave your reopened office to jump on a plane and attend a conference, Project Voice X will be sold out!

Grab your tix now, while they’re available and discounted.

See you this fall.

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