Life Is A Highway

Optimizing in-car multimodal AI with Mercedes-Benz, Cerence, and DefinedCrowd; Coast to Coast schedule tweaked

The previously scheduled letter discussing new original research involving voice search and voice commerce on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby will be out tomorrow for paid subscribers.

Life's like a road that you travel on
When there's one day here, and the next day gone
Sometimes you bend, sometimes you stand
Sometimes you turn your back to the wind

Two announcements for your Thursday:

1) Optimizing The In-Car Experience: An AI Multimodal Approach is a webinar taking place TODAY (Thursday) at 1 PM Eastern / 10 AM Pacific.

I’ll moderate the live discussion with our friends at DefinedCrowd, Cerence, and Mercedes-Benz. Won’t be any longer than an hour, but well worth attending.

Registration gets you access, along with audio/video files to enjoy later on demand. Click here to register.

2) We’ve tweaked the schedule for Project Voice: Coast to Coast, our US roadshow where I’ll be traveling from city to city giving a (short) voice/AI briefing, in-person, and providing space for some light networking, all over the course of one hour.

The demand for meeting in person again, safely, has grown, and this type of small gathering is a nice baby step back in the right direction.

We were scheduled to kick this off next week, but felt due to a number of conditions we would be better off waiting until mid-January to get this rolling. The revised schedule is below, with registration links if you’d like to join us (only 20 people can attend each date due to COVID safety constraints).

The entire 35-city tour is presented by our sponsor, Cerence, and leads up to the #1 event for voice and AI in America, Project Voice 2021 (which will also be in person with limited attendance, albeit modified and simplified for our current conditions).

I’d love to meet you in person if you feel like joining us.

San Jose, CA - January 11

San Francisco, CA - January 12

Los Angeles, CA - January 13

Phoenix, AZ - January 14

Miami, FL - January 18

Tampa, FL - January 19

Orlando, FL - January 20

Jacksonville, FL - January 21

Portland, OR - January 25

Seattle, WA - January 26

Spokane, WA - January 27

Boise, ID - January 28

Salt Lake City, UT - February 8

Denver, CO - February 9

Cheyenne, WY - February 10

Omaha, NE - February 11

Boston, MA - February 22

New York City, NY - February 23

Newark, NJ - February 24

Philadelphia, PA - February 25

Washington, DC - February 26

Minneapolis, MN - March 8

Milwaukee, WI - March 9

Chicago, IL - March 10

St. Louis, MO - March 11

Nashville, TN - March 12

Memphis, TN - March 15

Jackson, MS - March 16

New Orleans, LA - March 17

Dallas, TX - March 18

Houston, TX - March 19

Detroit, MI - March 29

Columbus, OH - March 30

Cleveland, OH - March 31

Cincinnati, OH - April 1

Project Voice 2021 - Chattanooga, TN - April 12-14

The Voice of Money is a special online event next week examining the rapidly growing intersection of voice, AI, and modern banking and finance.

The Voice of Customer Service is a special two-day event all about how conversational AI is being deployed within modern customer service operations, including contact centers around the world.

If you think you’ll be ready to attend your first conference by April, you can register for Project Voice 2021 here. Attendance will be limited for the #1 event for voice and AI in America.