Introducing This Week In Voice Daily, new YouTube content on voice/AI

Also: DBW West (Wed July 6) now virtual and free to attend


I will kick off DBW West, a publishing and technology virtual event, with an update on how voice tech and AI are being used in that vertical.

The two-hour event will conclude with Chris Morrow of Amazon Alexa discussing how book discovery and purchasing is being more deeply integrated into Amazon’s voice assistant.

Register for DBW West here and get the audio/video files after the conference ends tomorrow afternoon.

(The event was supposed to be in-person but was converted to a virtual event at the last minute due to an issue related to the venue in Seattle and the recent heat wave.)

This Week In Voice Daily now on YouTube

If you’re looking for more commentary and analysis on voice/AI, I am now posting daily YouTube videos.

These videos, with various reactions, analysis, and commentary, are hosted on This Week In Voice TV, our YouTube channel.

An example of these videos is here, where I am discussing Project Understood, the joint venture between Google and the Canadian Down Syndrome Society.

You can view and subscribe to the channel here.

In-person conferences the rest of 2021:

The Voice of Healthcare Summit (August 19, Fenway Park, Boston MA)

Digital Book World 2021 (September 13-15, Nashville TN)

Project Voice X (October 25-27, Destin/Fort Walton Beach FL)

The Voice of Money (November 10, New York City)

The Voice of Gaming (December 1, Austin TX)