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Checking in on Voiceflow, one of voice technology's promising young companies, before major Monday event

Voiceflow is a voice/AI company which produces tooling to allow individuals and companies to design, prototype, and launch voice experiences for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Way beyond the technology that the company has created, which is great, the company has been successful in doing something else of particular note: they have cultivated one of the largest communities around a single company in the space.

Their Facebook group, of which I am a member, features 7600 members and counting, and is constantly active with questions from users met rapidly with answers from employees.

Successful technology companies become three-dimensional: they find a way to layer on complementary story and narrative on top of mere features and technology, to create gravitational pull: cost of customer acquisition decreases, as new users just start showing up on their own volition.

Voiceflow is in this stratosphere, with their combination of compelling content marketing built on top of their large user community built on top of their strong software offering.

The company is holding a major event Monday afternoon to share information about how the company has continued to evolve. It promises to be a good use of time, for those following this space.

Full official information on this event from the company is below.

Off to Boston on the first flight out in the morning, then New York City, then Newark, then Philadelphia, then Washington DC. A dispatch from the road is forthcoming later this week, and looking forward to seeing some of you soon.

Join over 1,000 conversation designers, developers, and creators for Voiceflow V2 – happening TODAY (MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22) at 2pm EST.

#VFV2 is a one-hour event jam-packed with product announcements, new features, and giveaways, save your spot here:

(Stay tuned after for a special social hosted by Dr. Teri Fisher, Host of the Voice Den & the Voiceflow Team)*

Project Voice: Coast to Coast continues next week, as I’ll be traveling to the following cities. I’d love to meet you, connect, and learn more about what you’re doing.

Boston, MA - February 22 - Hamilton Restaurant and Bar

New York City, NY - February 23 - Royale

Newark, NJ - February 24 - The Fox and Falcon

Philadelphia, PA - February 25 - Frankford Hall

Washington, DC - February 26 - The Royal

Enjoy the This Week In Voice VIP playlist on Spotify here.