This past Friday's interview with Mark Cuban: Microsoft's acquisition of Nuance, the public perception of big tech, the rise of social audio, and the arrival of NFTs

We were fortunate to have Mark Cuban join us for the closing keynote session of Project Voice Worldwide this past week.

The interview, which picked up where my previous 2019 interview with Mark left off, covered the public’s shifting perception of big tech, Microsoft’s $19.7 billion acquisition of Nuance, the pandemic-era reversal of fortune for the Facebook Portal, the emergence of social audio, and the arrival of NFTs, prior to a large number of audience questions which Mark answered live.

Toward the end, I asked Mark about the NBA’s play-in tournament, as well as when he’s running for office. He gave great answers throughout and was a blast to have be part of Project Voice Worldwide with us.


You may have seen DefinedCrowd’s recent article regarding bias in AI and the responsibility data scientists have to ensure fairness.

DefinedCrowd has rolled out DefinedData, the company’s new data marketplace where companies can purchase AI training data sets from among the 15,000 hours of speech data the company has available.

If your company works with conversational AI and has ongoing AI training data needs, you can receive $500 off a pass to Project Voice X later this year by simply creating a DefinedData account and then filling out a brief survey on both your role as well as your experience using the website.

Just as importantly, those participating will have ground-floor access to the DefinedData marketplace, and will be able to make feature requests and have influence with this important new service offering as it evolves.

First, register for an account on DefinedData’s website, and then reply back to this email with your name, company, and title, and someone will be in contact with you with the survey.

Mark Cuban once answered the question “what would be your MMA walkout song?” to which one of his answers was DMX’s song “Fame.”

That song is here. Uplifting song from the recently departed rapper. Worth giving a listen to.

You can check out the This Week In Voice VIP Spotify playlist here.