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Opus Research's Dan Miller discusses Spotify's "controversial speech recognition"

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Dan Miller of Opus Research wrote last week about Spotify’s new patent and some of the controversy around it.

In his post, he describes a battle between those who view conversational AI’s contextual, data-driven personal recommendations as “intrusive,” and those who view the exact same personalization as “customer centric.”

From Dan’s post:

Attempting to draft laws and regulations that prevent AI-based manipulation is a fool’s errand.

More importantly, it will have a chilling effect on the introduction of applications of Conversational AI that are truly helpful to individuals in their roles as prospects, customers, clients or members. Companies are either ethical, or they are not.

The fact that Spotify can suggest an artist or song that I might want to hear based on my tastes, preferences, past selections or current mood is exactly why I chose the service. Trusted retailers, hotel chains, airlines, pharmacies, healthcare providers and others are entitled to do the same.

We have to be thoughtful as we strike a balance between empathetic handling or calls for personal assistance and blanket condemnation of such efforts as blatant manipulation of individuals’ emotions.

Dan’s post is a must-read and really captures some key issues very quickly and succinctly. We’re likely to be looking back at it as soon as later this year, as the privacy conversation gets a lot louder.

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