Dance Hall Days

Two showstopping conversational AI slides from The Voice of Money

We were so in phase
In our dance hall days
We were cool on craze
When I, you, and everyone we knew
Could believe, do, and share in what was true

The Voice of Money was today - an event we typically do in downtown NYC, but this year held virtually.

Amidst a program full of outstanding presentations, two particular slides really stood out to me that I want to pass along.

Here’s the first one, from Eduardo Olvera and Nirvana Tikku of Nuance:

This is absolutely fascinating. It’s the first time I’ve seen a slide like this, though I’ve certainly seen many outstanding voice/AI presentations the past few years.

My interpretation of this is not to get singularly focused on the usual metrics around whether a voice assistant is effective, or perhaps better than another one…metrics such as “accuracy,” or “usage,” or measuring whether user habits and routines have taken hold.

Rather, expand your way of thinking, and consider a much larger universe of ways voice assistants and conversational AIs can compete for the attention of users.

The second slide, from Open Voice Network’s Jon Stine, is here:

All five of these statistics are interesting in their own right, but what I take away from this slide is an overwhelming need for companies working with conversational AI to go out of their way to demonstrate trustworthiness.

What represents trustworthiness for one brand, or one organization, will vary wildly from what represents trustworthiness for another.

But if 2/3 of people think technology obscures what is and isn’t real, and half of people think they’ve observed ‘unethical’ AI at times, companies have a clear path to winning consumer hearts and minds by getting out in front of that.

Surprising users with a bit of humanity, to break up the non-stop drumbeat of upselling, mining user data, and other behaviors the consumer is already on guard against, is that less-traveled path.

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The previous Project Voice was organized around specific days for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby.

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You can enjoy the This Week In Voice playlist on Spotify here.