Blinding Lights

Voice Tech Innovation Week thunders to an end tomorrow with heavyweight roundtable featuring Silicon Valley's Brian Roemmele and Voicebot.AI's Bret Kinsella

Voice Tech Innovation Week has introduced people to leading companies involved with voice tech and conversational AI. The week comes to a provocative conclusion tomorrow with a heavyweight roundtable you won’t want to miss.

Call it the Super Bowl of voice technology.

Tomorrow’s closing roundtable of Voice Tech Innovation Week, featuring legendary Silicon Valley technologist Brian Roemmele and Voicebot.AI founder Bret Kinsella, will be well worth the investment of an hour of time.

On the docket will include what both of these figureheads would tell Fortune 1000 companies looking to invest in conversational AI today, to what extent social audio (e.g. Clubhouse) is a fad, what the major ecosystems (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby, Apple Siri) ought to be doing, and trends they’re following that might be under the radar.

We’ll leave time for a number of questions from the audience.

Registration is here - the Zoom link for tomorrow is emailed to you immediately.

(Registration also gets you the audio and video files of the entire week’s worth of programming emailed to you tomorrow afternoon as well.)

The session kicks off at 1 PM Eastern / 10 AM Pacific.

As far as the actual Super Bowl goes, whatever you do, do not EVER bet against this guy:

NEXT WEEK: Project Voice: Coast to Coast picks back up with a swing through Salt Lake City, Denver, Cheyenne, and Omaha. See you then.