Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not

V-DAY EDITION: "Cultural AI" pioneer announced as keynote of Project Voice Worldwide; seminal CEO-only "Council of 100" set to convene in person April 14

One of the best-written songs Nashville has ever produced went to #1 immediately upon arrival and made a name of real-life husband/wife duo Thompson Square.

Three important bits of news were announced earlier today, as we head into Valentine’s Day weekend (and a bit of a freeze across the US):

1) 100 top voice/AI CEOs to gather in Chattanooga, TN

The entire Project Voice 2021 conference - the #1 event for voice tech and conversational AI in America - has been structured around what we’re calling the “Council of 100” - a gathering of 100 top CEOs of voice/AI companies.

Numerous CEOs have already confirmed to attend (and many invitations have yet to be sent, something we’re working on heading into this weekend) in what will be a seminal gathering for this young space. You would recognize many of their names.

Remaining passes to Project Voice have been pulled (the event has been marked as “sold out” online) and will be made available to purchase to those requesting them who are accompanying these CEOs on site in Chattanooga in April until the limited number remaining runs out. (You should email us immediately if this is you.)

A VIP dinner on April 13 will precede the gathering on April 14.

While business travel has plummeted amidst the pandemic, CEOs have been the ones carrying the torch and continuing to travel as necessary to get business accomplished. This will be an opportunity for CEOs in this space to network in unprecedented fashion, gain valuable real-time insight, and set a tone of leadership.

2) “Cultural AI” pioneer to keynote Project Voice Worldwide

IVOW.AI is a company leading the way with creating what they call “cultural AI,” which is fusing voice assistants and other conversational AI with storytelling, personas, and other aspects designed to make them more culturally aware.

(IVOW, by the way, stands for Intelligent Voices of Wisdom.)

Nikki McLay is the organization’s co-founder and Director of AI Partnerships, and will keynote Project Voice Worldwide on April 15. She’s got a fascinating story to tell.

An initial program for Project Voice Worldwide is forthcoming next week. Registration is here.

3) Voice of Mobile Apps postponed to May

We have moved our virtual event centering on how voice/AI is being integrated into mobile apps to after both Project Voice 2021 and Project Voice Worldwide take place. The Voice of Mobile Apps, originally slated to take place next week, will now take place Thursday, May 27.

The videos of presentations from Voice Tech Innovation Week will be available Monday and linked from the next This Week In Voice VIP.

Have a great Valentine’s Day weekend.